Help the Aussie farming community and people affected by the bush fires. We have just started this donation page and teamed up with doing it tough assistance Doing it tough assistance

Please if you can donate here at this link, if you wish to support us and know that these donations are going directly to those affected.

G'Day, G'Day!

We at I Buy Oz have decided to team up with doing it tough assistance and help the Aussie farming community and the bush fire community for much needed funds for drought stricken Aussie farmers and the bush fires that have destroyed a lot of OZ, Homes destroyed, loss of lives, loss of animals it is heartbreaking, absolutely devastating.

We will be donating a few bucks from every purchase made and if you wish to join us in helping the community, you do not have to make a purchase to help. Every buck counts and every buck goes towards it, every cent is paid to help the farmers and the wider community for bush fire affected areas.

We have seen so many stories lately and over time and it affects us all when everyday Aussies are affected by some disaster or mother nature.

Most of us in the city or suburbia don't have to worry about cattle, feeding the livestock and equipment etc, re-building, starting over, but these guys want to keep thriving and they can't do it without our help, So lets join as one and support them all and everyone, let's do our part for the Aussies. Rest assure that every donation made is certainly going towards a great cause. I Buy Oz and doing it tough assistance will be donating to WIRES and this will also go directly to those affected through selected charities or straight to the affected towns with gift cards etc. So Jump on board and let's make a difference!

Thank you for your support.
Australia Thanks You!